Music Exploration @ The Craft Factory!

We’re partnering with local musician and town legend, David Pollack, for a children centered music class. Each week will focus on a different genre of music giving kiddos the freedom to explore and learn about all sorts of sounds.

Before class begins, you can create your very own music shaker using our signature up-cycled and recycled materials!

Every Monday 4:00pm

Music Exploration is free to attend, please considering making a $5-$10 donation!


Open Mic Mondays @ The Craft Factory!

Hosted by everyone’s favorite professional entertainer, Johnny Franco.

Every Monday 6:00pm-9:00pm

Calling All: Musicians, Poets, Comedians, Dancers, Writers, Readers, Thinkers, Movers, Makers, & Shakers

This is meant to be a fun and safe space where curious minds can gather to celebrate and encourage all art forms.

We invite creatives, young and old, to share their work with us!

Each spot is given the choice of a few minutes time or two songs to play. 

Sign Ups start at 6:00pm

Show begins at 7:00pm

Open Mic Night is free to attend, please considering making a $5-$10 donation!

Not the type for public performances? Come craft and enjoy the show while you work!


Join us for Toddler Time Crafting!

Toddler Time Bases are a smaller version of our flat crafts! 

Perfect for youngins or crafters looking for short n sweet project. These miniature craft bases are available to decorate all day long on Friday.

Craft 3 minis for just $8

We set out simple tools such as crayons, stickers, glue dots, pompoms, and much more for your little ones to enjoy. 

You’ll also find a free play area where little feet and imaginations can wander!

Every Friday from 9:00am – 5:00pm