crafts to-go

Happy Crafting

Small Batch Craft Kits Made with Love!

Crafts To-Go are our way of providing The Craft Factory experience at home!

Each kit is made by hand and purposefully designed by us! One craft kit comes with a wooden base and a bundle of embellishments. 

The embellishments included are designed to fit the style of the base while promoting the use of creativity. Let your imagination bring your craft to life!

You can expect things such as pompoms, ribbons, puzzle pieces, gems, rocks, and lots of other surprises to come in your kit!


We have three methods of craft delivery set up for your convenience. Please let us know which of these you prefer when you place an order:

  • Free Local Delivery (in the Portland/Metro area)
  • Shop Pick-Up 
  • Shipping

Hot Glue Guns

Glue Guns

All of our bases are made of real wood! For easy crafting, we recommend using a hot glue gun to piece your work together.

If you don’t have a glue gun handy, fear not, we can add one to your order! The mini, low-temp glue guns we have for sale are perfect for crafters of all ages.


  • Crafters under the age of six should always have a parent or guardian assist with gluing
  • The silver tip is the warmest part of the glue gun – remember to keep your fingers away!
  • Always start by putting glue directly on your craft base, then hold your embellishment down on the glue for a few seconds until it is dry
  • Each kit comes with a few popsicle sticks. Use these, instead of your fingers, to press down on your embellishments while the glue dries
  • Keep your glue gun in eyesight while crafting to prevent from bumping into it
  • Always unplug your glue gun when not in use
  • Most importantly, have fun!