The Craft Factory Operations Manual

Each crafter receives one craft base for $12. Additional craft bases may be purchased for $6 each.

Time ClockStep 1: Fill out a time card.

Step 2: Punch in at the time clock.

Step 3: Grab a blue bucket.

Step 4: Choose one craft base from the conveyer belt or robot station.

CraftsStep 5. Fill your bucket with unlimited accessories and embellishments.

Step 6: Grab a seat at the craft table and plug in your glue gun.

REMEMBER: The glue guns are very hot.

Step 7: Plan to spend at least an hour creating your unique piece.

Step 8: Be creative! Have fun!

Bella's Birthday 6Step 9: Ask about our birthday parties.

Step 10: Pay for your items.

We ask that children under 13 be accompanied by an adult.

See you next time!

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