Looking for that perfect entertainer, cake, or pizza delivery? Look no further! Let us help you book that little something extra for your special day.

See something you like for additional entertainment? Please let us know so we can coordinate this for you. For scheduling purposes, we must be the one to make the booking for additional entertainment. Vendors other than those listed here must be pre-approved.

If you know of a local vendor we should add to this list, please let us know by emailing us at craftfactorypdx@gmail.com.



Have a character come to your next birthday party from Dragon Theater! Characters include: All popular prince and princess characters, superheroes, pirates, mermaids, fairies and more. Special requests are considered.





BIMG_1557ook Dylan, of Slightly Twisted Balloons, for your next birthday party. Check out this adorable Ariel from The Little Mermaid he made at one of our Disney movie parties, or watch the video clip below to see how talented he really is.

Slightly Twisted Balloons – http://slightlytwistedballoons.com/



Faery HairAdd a little glamorous magic to your birthday party with Serafaery of Faery Hair Sparkles! She will delight you and your guests with personalized faery hair sparkling.

“Faery Hair sparkles are fine silken sparkling threads that are tied into hair for a magical effect of tiny sparkle strands woven into hair, as if it were naturally a part of it. They can be treated just like regular hair. They catch the light and twinkle and shine for anywhere from a day to several months, depending on the whims of the faeries. Average is 3-4 weeks.”


Faery Hair Sparkles – http://faeryhair.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/serafaery or Facebook.com/FaeryHair


Kelsey, the Face Painting Lady is a talented face painter who specializes in birthday parties, company picnics, and other events. She has been a professional face painter for over six years, and is talented at full-face sparkly designs as well as adorable cheek art. She loves making kids feel special.

Facebook: Facebook.com/TheFacePaintingLady


Food Recommendations

Pizza delivery:


  • Lamb’s Markets (We know, we were surprised, too! But their cakes are delish!)








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  • We had my daughter s birthday party here over the weekend.  It was a super great fun, engaging time.  Melissa and co. did a fantastic job as hosts!  I highly recommend the Craft Factory!