The Craft Factory Testimonials

“If you are looking for a rainy day activity…or any day….please visit the Craft Factory.  It is a place where your child’s imagination can go wild.  I love supporting other moms trying to live their dream.  Check this place out… will not be disappointed.” – Megan Wolcott-Campbell, The Campbell 5

Birthday Party Testimonials

  • Dear Craft Factory, Thank you so much for making my daughter’s birthday an amazing event! The decorations were so fun and festive.  She loved seeing “Chloe’s Party Upstairs” on the street sign as we walked up.  What a thrilling personal touch for a little girl! You were all so organized and kind.  I was especially impressed at how you got right in the mix and helped the kids make their crafts.  They were all very proud of their creations.  My kids have them on display in their rooms & can’t wait to go back to make something new. Thanks again for making the whole party run so smoothly and for being so warm and welcoming to us. See you soon, Kayt + Damon + Elijah + Chloe
  • Thank you for a wonderful birthday party! Our daughter and her friends made such creative crafts and had a blast! – Nanci