The Craft Factory
Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

1. How does this work?

You don’t have to make an appointment before coming over to craft with us. Just show up during normal business hours and stay until we close! We recommend allowing a minimum of one hour to complete one craft.

2. What does it cost?

For $14, each crafter can choose one craft base and an unlimited amount of accessories to decorate that base while staying for as long as we are open. Each additional craft base is $7. Your first visit is always $2 off, and we also offer discounts for special events. After 5 visits are punched into your frequent visitor card, you get your 6th visit for free! Sign up for our newsletter and friend us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on our events and discounts.

3.How much time should I allow?

We recommend that you allow at least an hour to fully take advantage of all the crafting supplies that we offer for you to use to create your masterpiece!

4. How old do you have to be?

You’re never too young or old to enjoy The Craft Factory! We do ask that children under 13 are accompanied by an adult. The low heat glue guns require adult supervision for children age 5 and younger. We’ve noticed children as young as 18 months and grandparents enjoying themselves in equal measure.

5. What kinds of crafts can I make?

While we are known for our signature robots, we offer a wide range of 20-or-so constantly changing selection of crafts including animals, shapes, vehicles, picture frames, and seasonal themes. Special events often have a craft base specifically designed for that event’s theme.


6. How do I decorate my craft?

The majority of our materials are scrap, found, donated, or recycled in some way. Most of our crafts are wood-based, with all kinds of embellishments to add on top: mechanical parts, computer parts, pipe cleaners, playing cards, board game pieces, paper, yarn, lace, fabric, feathers and more are available to decorate your craft; the choices are endless! We use low-heat glue guns to affix your embellishments to the craft. Please note: children under the age of 5 must have a parent/guardian assist in the gluing process.

Embellishments Robot Parts  ribbons ribbon, paper, and yarn

7. Do you take donations?

Yes, please, and thank you! We encourage you to call us (503.577.4310) about your donation item to ensure we’re in need of it at that time.

8. Do you offer birthday parties?

We certainly do! Please check out our birthday party page for more details, or contact us at or 503.577.4310 with any questions.

Craft Table9. Do you offer parties for groups that are not celebrating a birthday?

Oh, you mean like girl scout troops, boy scout troops, cub scout troops, classroom parties, sports teams, Mommy groups, Daddy groups, nanny groups, play groups, company retreats, and other groups like that? Absolutely! Please contact us at or 503.577.4310 with any questions.

10. Can I celebrate my birthday at The Craft Factory without purchasing a birthday party package?

We welcome groups of people to craft together during our open studio hours, however, we request that if you have not booked one of our private birthday party packages, your group makes no mention of a birthday celebration. This means no presents, no decorations, and no food. Also, we can not guarantee your entire group will sit together, given that we may have other crafters during our open studio hours. But please do grab a group and come by!

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